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New Blog

I've started a new blog.  Those who are interested can follow me here: http://glauxnest.blogspot.com/  I've an RSS feed, too, so it should be easy enough to syndicate me on your Friends Page, for those who can't stand the thought of one more site to go surf to.

Reposted here is the

Inaugural Blog Post

I've started a new blog. Did I really need a new blog? I have a LiveJournal account that I never post to. I use it like an RSS reader. I have a MySpace blog that is filled with a metric ton of blithe crap. I'm not a very gifted writer.

What I want, what I need from this blog is a place where I can wear all of my different hats and still maintain some modicum of unity. I need a place where I can be Natalie the introverted, mystical, bisexual, bellydancing, polyfidelitous, biopolar I librarian, webpage designer, neo-Reiki-shaman and liberal step-mom who runs a annual Women's Goddess Retreat, and Lady Noctua the third-degree Long Island line Gardnerian Wiccan who has a love affair with Strega, and Cochranian British Traditional Witchcraft, and Soror Noctua who is an initiate of the Man of Earth Triad in the Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis and who founded the Babalon Rising Festival, and Glaux the latter-day Hellenic Polytheist who is writing a book about worshiping Athena while trying to organize a Midwest Pan-Hellenic Fest among practitioners of Hellenismos, most of which hate each other and really don't like the idea of a witch mucking around in Hellenic Reconstructionism.

I have never listed it all out like that before. It's no wonder I'm a mess. I practically have MPD. It is a simple thing to want a room of one's own, as Virgina Woolf would have called it. A well-appointed little space on the internet where I can muse and vent to the benefit of my spirit. I wonder if I'll stick with it?
What is the one simple indulgence you could never live without? Would you consider giving it up permanently for any amount of money?

My simple "indulgence" is the right to choose: to choose what is best for my life and my body.  I would not trade that for any amount of money.

Navel Gazing

How much truth can exist in any given moment?  What is true for me as I write is not always my truth.  My truth moves and changes, always rolling over itself.

The Art of the Sale

I try things on in my journal to see if they fit.  This scarf, that hat, these sunglasses.  Sometimes I buy them.  I integrate them into myself, I speak them aloud to others.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see how silly I look.  Then I swiftly discard an entry back to the sales rack.  Back into the compost heap to turn over again.

Sketch Diary

For the retreat we had the inspired idea to hand out custom printed blank books with our schedule printed in the front rather than typical event brochures.  This gave everyone at the retreat a place to journal. 

I loved my journal so much that I've nearly filled it up already.  What I really liked about it was the fact that it was a truly blank book -- no lines, no margins.  I can sketch or doodle when I feel like it and journal as much or as little as I please. 

I've been using two different colors of Pilot G2 gel pens so I can switch colors from entry to entry.  That way I know exactly where one entry ends and another begins, but I don't take up extra space in my journal. 

Tonight I bought a cheap 70 page 11"x9" sketch diary at Meijer.  I plan to use this as my next writing journal.  It's big, cheap, and unlined so I can fill it with whatever my mind spews forth without worrying so much about quality.  I can just write freely. 

Fancy journals are lovely and make me feel special, but they also carry the unspoken notion that they must be filled with only my deepest and most sacred insights.  I don't need to call down a holy book with my morning pages.  I just need to practice the act of writing!

The Sacred Thread

In addition to starting a writing group (see previous post) I've been visiting Grinny Possum Fiber Arts in Jeffersonville to learn knitting, spinning, & weaving.  This has been a goal of mine since I started working with Athena about a year ago.  I enjoy visiting Grinny Possum because it is a nurturing circle of creative women of all ages coming together to share their art.  I've always wanted to learn how to knit, and with the season turning to the dark half of the year this seems like a good time to start.  I'll try to keep this journal updated with my progress.

Writer's Group

If you live in the Louisville area and are looking for a writer's group Laura and I are starting one here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CalliopeWritersCircle/  We're thinking of meeting once a month at a coffee shop, probably Perkfection, for those of you familiar with the area.  Join the group for more information.

Some Stevie Nicks

Working through some stuff, and Stevie is getting me by.

Rough Draft Poem

Still need to polish this one.  Here it is rough and still in its matrix.

CompostCollapse )

Meditation on writing

Laura & I often read books aloud to each other, taking turns with each chapter and discussing how the work inspires us. Currently we are reading Writing Down the Bones, which has prompted us to write more and to start a writer's group.

I've been trying to journal daily in my hard copy journal, and I've finally got some good stuff cropping up there. Here's an entry I'm transcribing from this morning.

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